Missions at The Sanctuary Fellowship

Consist of living as catalyst of God-honoring change in all areas of life

Our Local Outreach

Jenny Lane

At The Sanctuary Fellowship, we have a vision that the Lord can and will change lives in Jenny Lane which is why we have been serving since the church was started.

We are praying that we can be catalysts of God-honoring change in all areas of life for the residents of Jenny Lane. We have a desire to impact their Spiritual, Social, Physical, Financial, and Educational lives.

The proximity of Jenny Lane to our church truly allows us to foster ongoing intentional ministry. We are able build intentional relationships and see genuine community transformation occur.  This however requires that we devote time, energy, and resources to this ministry, not in order to give a hand-out, but rather to begin empowering the residents of Jenny Lane to break the chain of poverty. Join us at one of our upcoming events at Jenny Lane, and see how the Lord moves in your heart for the amazing residents that live there.



Our Regional Outreach


Since 2008, our church has been taking mission trips to the Rio Grande Valley.  It wasn’t until 2010 that we began to work in a small neighborhood in Penitas exclusively, and has now become the main source of our efforts.


Each year we take several trips to Penitas, TX to help the marginalized and oppressed!  From building houses and clothing drives to spreading the Gospel at sports clinics or VBS we are committed to making a difference in the Colonias.  We have partnered with Buckner Border Missions and have worked extensively     with their Family Hope Center located in the community where we serve.

Since 2010, our church has had the privilege of conducting VBS; distributing clothing, shoes, blankets, coats, and hygiene kits; painting dozens and dozens of homes; doing construction on existing homes, completing several new-home builds, doubling the size of a home, and completely building two homes from the ground up. 

We are praying that the Lord would allow us to do so much more than this, but ultimately, we want to see people respond to the Gospel and come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior!





Big heart Orphanage

Big Heart Orphanage is located in Reynosa, Mexico.  It started 24 years ago and is overseen by Micah & Jenny Carter, who are the directors with Opalo Juarez. Micah’s parents Gator & Deanna Carter founders of Big Heart Reynosa, moved to the Mountains orphanage in Fall of 2018.


The Sactuary Fellowship has had regular trips to Reynosa since 2018 and plans on continuing a strong partnership with Big Heart by sending different teams annually.

Our Global Outreach 


The Sanctuary Fellowship has had a connection to Uganda since our church’s inception.  We raised money to meet the needs of the Ugandan people, including sending bicycles for pastors to visit their congregations, Bibles for those that didn’t have one, and support for churches that were seeking to bring light and life to the Ugandan people. In 2011, TSF took our first team to Uganda, where we did evangelism in the villages and worked with the leaders in a local church.  There were 13 people that went on that first trip, and since then, we have taken a team every year. We have had the privilege to serve alongside Pastor James Luwaga and Jubilee Fellowship to begin intentionally discipling young Ugandans who are trying to make a difference in their country.  In 2012, we conducted our first Ugandan Bible Camp where we utilized chronological Bible storying to help God’s Word come alive for the young people.  Each year, we have had around 25 Ugandan students who attend the camp, many of whom are unchurched and participants with false religions and even witchcraft. Through our Bible camps, we have seen many young people come to know Christ, being rescued from Islam, ancestral worship and animism, and witchcraft.  We have also seen young Christians matured into passionate followers of Christ who are leading others into a full and abundant life in Christ. In 2015, we launched a child sponsorship program that empowered 65 Ugandan children to begin going to school.  These children, without sponsorship, would have no other option but to begin working to support themselves or become street children who live a life of crime.  Since we launched in September of 2015, 596 children have been sponsored, and it has been incredible to see these children “come alive” and see that they truly have a future to look forward to! This year as of January 31, 2022 we will have 84 children to sponsor.

Addison & Abigail Zody



Hello, we are Addison and Abigail Zody! We are serving as Short-term Coordinators in Japan. Our role is to host and connect teams and individuals from the US to missionaries and local churches in Japan. This involves everything from the scheduling and preparing of short-term workers to arrive on the field, to their debriefing and departure back home. Alongside this role, we are serving with the church planting efforts of our team in our area, building relationships in our community and sharing the Good News of Jesus to help build up the Church in Japan.

In this support role, our goal is to listen to the needs of local churches and plug in short-term workers that can fill those needs. We have a passion to help serve Japanese pastors and our fellow missionaries to better reach the unreached of Japan. We also have a passion to serve the American church by discipling short-termers to have a global mindset in their service and prayer, no matter where God has them. Japan is a country of high resistance and little fruit when it comes to the Gospel. In light of this, we want to bring renewed hope to the workers of Japan. In order to see this vision come to fruition, we pray that God would use our influence as Short-term Coordinators to stir the hearts of those coming to serve temporarily, for the Japanese and the rest of the world.

Our goals:
-To share the hope and love of Jesus Christ to the unreached people of Japan.
-To equip and enable more workers to enter the harvest field, in the areas of both long and short-term service.
-To support and encourage both Japanese believers and our fellow missionaries serving in Japan.


Alex & Sarah Murphy


We are Alex & Sarah Murphy, and we are full time campus missionaries for the City College of New York in Manhattan, NY. As campus missionaries we are able to share the Gospel with students who may have never been to church. Our main focus is discipleship as we pray these students will walk with God the rest of their lives as well as disciple others. Lastly, we protect the investment that the church has invested in their youth. We believe the college campus is the most strategic mission field since so many life decisions are made by young adults during their time on campus.








Paul & Cammie Hicks


Paul joined SEARCH in 2008 after a 25-year career in the insurance industry.  NFL Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews joined Paul and SEARCH two years ago.  Together they serve the greater Houston area.  SEARCH is a 45 year-old ministry whose mission is to help every adult in every city take their next step towards Jesus.  This is done through the biblical model of relational evangelism.  Specifically, they target and pursue the unbelievers who are unchurched and skeptical of God and religion.  Through the work of the Holy Spirit they build trust and invite people into a discipling relationship that is finished when the person becomes a reproducing disciple maker.  SEARCH also equips church members to be obedient to Jesus’ mandate to “Go Make Disciples”



Paul Hicks joins Rusty on the podcast this week. He is a part of Search Ministries based in Texas, along with another Leading Simple guest, Bruce Matthews.

When we think about evangelism, our minds can immediately go to planning some big event with a lot of people. But in Rusty’s conversation with Paul, he breaks down a process to share your faith that is centered on one person, one day at a time.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get more confident in sharing the gospel with people who may not believe in God, or you are curious about what it means to make disciples, then you’ll enjoy hearing Paul’s insights.

James & Brittany Riggins


The gospel was designed to triumph, restore, and permeate throughout the world.


In 2009, Jesus Messiah triumphed over my suicidal disposition, restored my livelihood, and charged me to go and spread his gospel to the places where the dry bones are. Therefore, during my high school and college years, I decided to live a joyfully obedient lifestyle to his call to proclaim his salvation to the lost.


I have been appointed to serve as WorldVenture’s short-term coordinator and theological trainer for the Visaya region of The Philippines. In the Visaya’s, our strategy is to form committed local and global church partnerships with Filipino communities. From these relationships, we pray for the transformation of local communities, which will lead to the sending out of Filipino missionaries.


If you’re interested in me coming and visiting you or your home congregation, please feel free to contact home below or email him at j.riggins@worldventure.net.



Pastor James Luwaga


James was born on October 23, 1969.  He grew up poor in a polygamous family of 25 children, his father being from the Muslim background. At the age of 8 James was moved to St. Moses Children’s Care Center as a vulnerable child where he attained education up to high school and later joined Youth With A Mission graduating with an Associates Degree in Christian Ministries (majoring in Biblical studies and leadership/management). He has also attained a variety of Social, HIV/AIDS and financial management trainings with Infectious Disease Institute, Center for Disease Control and Makerere University. James doubles as an experienced social worker and organizational manager and is currently the founding Pastor of Jubilee Fellowship – a growing church in Bukaya a fairly new semi urban settlement area in Njeru Town Council. He also oversees the Kiryowa and Bulyankuyege Fellowships – church plants of Jubilee Fellowship and is the founder and Board member of Supportive Initiative for Development – a social development agency that runs Destineville Nursery School (currently with 35 children, 15 needy orphans), Walper Destineville Community School (currently with 250 children, 85 needy orphans), and a socioeconomic empowerment community program that supports needy vulnerable children and their caring households.  James is also the coordinator of the “Njeru leaders conversation” a new initiative to support leadership development and peer counseling for Christian leaders. James has worked as an associate pastor of Life Giving Stream Tabernacle (Nile Evangel Church) for 7 years before taking on the role of pastor at Jubilee Fellowship. During the same period as associate pastor he worked as the Country Director for AIDS Orphans Education Trust (AOET – Uganda) where he was responsible for strategic and business planning, development of policies and procedures; and Human resources management. James has also worked as a program coordinator, ministry leader and base manager for Youth with A Mission Uganda. He has a wide experience and exposure having trained and experienced leadership and management in Uganda, South Africa, Europe and New Zealand. James also worked on several Youth with A Mission projects in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Sudan between 1998 and 2002.

For an Update on Pastor James please see the Uganda Update button above.