How Our Sponsorship Ministry Started

The Sanctuary Fellowship has had a connection to Uganda since our church’s inception.  We raised money to meet the needs of the Ugandan people, including sending bicycles for pastors to visit their congregations, Bibles for those that didn’t have one, and support for churches that were seeking to bring light and life to the Ugandan people. In 2011, TSF took our first team to Uganda, where we did evangelism in the villages and worked with the leaders in a local church.  There were 13 people that went on that first trip, and TSF took a team every year, until COVID. This year we will return to Uganda. We have had the privilege to serve alongside Pastor James Luwaga and Jubilee Fellowship to begin intentionally discipling young Ugandans who are trying to make a difference in their country.  In 2015, we launched a child sponsorship program that empowered 65 Ugandan children to begin going to school.  These children, without sponsorship, would have no other option but to begin working to support themselves or become street children who live a life of crime.  Since we launched in September of 2015, 762 children have been sponsored, and it has been incredible to see these children “come alive” and see that they truly have a future to look forward to! This year as of January 31, 2024 we will have 82 children to sponsor.

News from Uganda

TSF receives regular updates from Pastor James in Uganda. This is a great way to learn more about what is happening within the ministry and in your sponsored child’s life.

Here is how you can begin to pray for your child:

• Pray for the Lord to protect your child from illness and injury as they live in a difficult environment.
• Pray for your child to be able to learn while in class and that they would be able to do well on their school work.
• Pray for your child’s future: job, family, health, community, journey with God and joy in their heart.
• Pray for your child to hear about Jesus through their teachers, school administration, and through their sponsor.
• Pray for your child to respond to the gospel and commit their life to Jesus and His mission!

What Sponsorship Means

As you make your plans for 2024, we want to invite you to partner with us in the important work being done in Uganda through our Child Sponsorship Ministry.  Your sponsorship means a child receives a 2 meals each day, clothes to wear to school, tuition and school supplies, and a daily testimony of the Gospel of Jesus.  What an easy and meaningful way for us to share the love of God with these children who will not receive an education or the news of Jesus any other way! What can you do to eternally change a child’s life?

Letter Writing

Letter writing is one of the most important aspects of the sponsor-child relationship. Please do your best to stay connected to your sponsored child by writing them each and every month. Letters are sent to Pastor James in Uganda the first of every month. Get yours in today!

Don’y know what to say? Click below for some tips on writing your sponsored child.

Letter Writing Ideas

Payment Info

Click the “Make Payment” button at the bottom of the page or go to to pay your full annual amount of $336 or set up recurring payments of $28. Make sure the funds for your child are available!

Transfer Dates

TSF will transfer money to Destineville School on the following dates in 2024:

March 1 – June 1 – September 1 – December 1

If your sponsorship account is not up to date, your child will not receive funding during that time period. Please be faithful and on time with your sponsorship!