PINK Women’s Ministry




Passionately pursuing Christ
Intentionally reaching others for Christ
Nurturing women
Knowing Christ and making Him known

Philippians 3:10 (amplified)

Last summer we did a book study called “Adorned,” by Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth. The book encouraged us as we read to consider the importance of mentoring and the influence we have in women’s lives around us. The book strongly made us aware that every woman is both a young woman to someone and an older woman to someone else in their current life. It was through that study that God brought this need to the attention of the Women’s Leadership team. We had no idea what God wanted to do with mentoring other than there was a need for it at TSF. So fast forward to one year from then. We now have a team to lead the ministry, and a name has been given to the ministry, “Thrive Together.” The team has been diligently working on the next steps to roll out the specifics of the ministry and we hope that you will be encouraged to check it out.

If you are interested in knowing more about “Thrive Together” please consider purchasing the book “Organic Mentoring” and begin reading it. Talk to one of the team members listed below if you want to have a one on one conversation with someone about it.

What is next on our agenda? We have a bridge event called “Popcorn and PJS” that you don’t want to miss and we also will be hosting a training session for both the mentee and mentor in the month of September. That is why we strongly encourage you to purchase the book and begin reading it. The foundation of the “Thrive Together” ministry comes from this book which is filled with such a great understanding of what organic mentoring looks like and just how easy it is to step into. I know the word mentoring can be intimidating on so many different levels for so many of us, but we trust that when you begin to read the book, you are going to quickly be able to see mentoring from a whole different perspective. We are trusting the Lord with what He wants to do at TSF with “Thrive Together,” and we hope that you will choose to join us.

To register for the Thrive Together Training and receive your copy of “Organic Mentoring” click HERE.


To find out more about Thrive Together click HERE