The 40 Day Sugar Fast

Would you give up sugar to experience the sweet presence of God in your life?


If you run to sugar for comfort or reward, eat mindlessly or out of boredom, feel physically and spiritually lethargic, or struggle with self-control, we invite to consider joining us for 6 weeks as we fast from Sugar for 40 days.


Many of us think that if our bodies become healthier, then we’ll be healthier. But a healthy body doesn’t do us a lot of good if we are spiritually malnourished.  Join us for the 40-Day Sugar Fast, a process that begins with us giving Jesus our sugar and ends with Jesus giving us more of Himself – the only thing that can ever truly satisfy our soul’s deep hunger. 


Who can join us? This study is open to both men and women, ages 16 years old and up.  Register today by going HERE.  Below are the details of the study:


Starts: Tuesday, April 20th

Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Place: TSF

Cost: $9.00