Our Mission Statement

Our focus is to be transformed to become a community of missionaries in our culture through the power of the gospel for the glory of God.

Who we are

The Focus of The Cause |  Be transformed to become a community of missionaries in our culture through the power of the gospel for the glory of God.

Foundations of The Cause |  Experiencing this life means exhibiting these 5 Foundations of The Cause:

We are Scripture Addicts | The Bible is what dictates every action in our movement. It is our guide for all of life and practice.

We are Gospel Saturated | The gospel is what we live in, by and through. It is the message we live and speak.

We are Community Obsessed | We value authenticity and the depth of relationship that community brings. Our membership is committed to actively participate in a community group and in ministry teams.

We are Transformissional People | Transformissional means that we are changed in order that we can be on mission with Jesus. We will live missionally everywhere we go and in everything we do!

We are Compassionmongers | We passionately believe the church should be the primary agency of caring for the helpless, homeless, hungry, and hurting people of our world.

What We Believe

The Sanctuary is a non-denominational church, although our Pastors were ordained in Southern Baptist Churches and educated at Baptist schools and seminaries.  We remain non-denominational to accommodate the wide variety of denominational backgrounds, or lack of, represented in our culture and congregation. We believe the Bible is the Word of God from cover to cover as our sole authority for teaching, equipping, and training. Our theological position would be considered as affirming of many of the Scriptural doctrines represented by a reformed theological position.

Everything is for the glory of God.  Everything!

The Bible | is true and should be taught from its historical context.

God | is more important than anyone or anything.  He is the consumer we aim to please.

Jesus | is salvation.  He is God.  He is the gospel. Jesus’ death on the cross and His irrefutable resurrection are the most significant acts of God in restoring all things.

The Gospel |  is a word and it is work to share in every nation.

Who we are to be | We are to be “Jesus” to people.  We should act like Him in the power of His Spirit.

The Church | is God’s agent of change and restoration of all things through the gospel of Christ. Church is people not a building.

The Church’s Mission | We, the church, are to help people. We all have issues.  Right?  Everyone. We sense that in our world the oppressed have been overlooked.  We believe the church is the answer. We believe religion doesn’t help people… but loving God and loving people does! People matter more than programs.  TSF is a place where authenticity is treasured.  No pretense.  No pretending. (redundancy intended)

Christianity | is a movement not an institution.

Worship | is how you live not just a momentary act on Sunday.

We believe |  you should join a church because of what they believe and what they are doing to help people. We believe that by living an exciting life of faith we can have a thrilling journey with God. We believe God is at work here at the Sanctuary.

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