Christmas Service Project at Friends of North Richmond
December 6 from 6:30–8 PM

Meet at Friends of North Richmond (1305 Clay St., Richmond) at 6:30 PM for an all-hands-on-deck work project. Wear clothes you can get dirty in!

January 26–27

The cost is $60 per student and includes a ticket to the conference, transportation, all meals, and an overnight stay at an area hotel. 40 tickets have been purchased for this amazing event. Sign up now before they’re all gone!

For more information about Hot Hearts, visit

Hot Hearts 2018 Signup

  • This cost includes all transportation, meals, lodging and admission into conference.
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Sanctus Student Ministry Core Values

1.  A Passionate Love and Devotion to Jesus Christ

  • Everything we do will be aimed at helping our students foster a deep love for Jesus. Every event, social gathering, worship service, pizza outing, etc. will have this purpose. My prayer is that our students walk away from our youth ministry knowing that God is real and worth pursuing above all else.

2.  Gospel Driven

  • Many students who come through our doors have no idea what the Gospel is. The Gospel is the foundation of our faith and needs to be a huge priority for our student ministry. Our students need to know and be reminded constantly that the Gospel is real and has implications for how they live their lives. Every time we are together we need to make sure that the Gospel is being shared, pointed to and talked about.

3.  Corporate Worship

  • Worship is important to God so it’s important to us! We will model for them what it means to make much of God as the gathered church.
  • It gives students permission to express themselves to God. A lot of times we are at a loss for words when it comes to what’s going on inside of us. The lyrics of the songs we sing help us express ourselves to The Lord.
  • Music is a powerful tool God has given us. We remember lyrics to our favorite songs but struggle to remember what our teachers and pastors talked about 3 weeks prior. We will worship constantly so that the truths of scripture get down into the hearts and minds or our kids.

4.  Parental Involvement

  • At the end of the day parents are responsible for the spiritual formation of their kids. Our student ministry can’t be seen as something separate from the home life. We will aim to partner with parents; giving them a more active role in this ministry.
  • 2 parent meetings a year will be planned where calendars, events and more will be discussed. (One at the start of the fall and spring semesters)
  • We are asking parents to help with events, food prep, hosting slumber parties or Sanctus Nights Out, and making themselves available for all manner of ministry.

5.  Reflect our Community

  • We live in one of the most diverse counties in the country. Our church is located within a mile from two high schools that have a demographic that looks nothing like our church. We will be intentional about getting into our community and growing our youth group in a God-centered, multicultural movement with students from different socio-economic backgrounds.

For information about Sanctus Student Ministry please email Pastor Jimmy at