Our Hi5 Kids (Kindergarten–5th grade) meet for worship and ministry on Sundays in the Hi5 room. They are dismissed after a few songs of praise from our main auditorium. As children get older, we passionately believe it is important that the family worship together as a church. In a day and age where families are pulled apart, we believe in bringing them together! So, we offer a brief time for families to be together in the main service before dismissing children to the Hi5 Kids program on Sunday mornings. Also, on the LAST Sunday of each month, all Hi5 Kids STAY in the corporate worship service for a special time of worship with their parents. We believe a parent can see this as a positive and not a negative. It’s an opportunity to express love for God TOGETHER! We believe it’s important and we want to help put people together rather than pull them apart. We love you and your children!

Of course, the nursery (birth – 12 months), young toddlers (12 – 24 months), older toddlers (24 – 36 months) and preschool (3 – 5 years) meet during the entire service. They are offered EVERY Sunday.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!! To volunteer, please indicate that desire on our WELCOME CARD, or email info@tsf-church.com. Thank you.