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Joe Sanders - August 23, 2015

Wisdom for Worship in Suffering

Job is an ancient, beyond ancient, book. That is interesting because that means that our earliest ancestors struggled with some of the same big, existential questions we struggle with. Namely: 1) God is all powerful. 2) God is good. 3) Evil exists. How can they all be true at the same time? Job presents us with a case study of a unique individual who was faced with some of the most difficult conditions that can be imagined, and the book also gives a fascinating glimpse into God’s courtroom and what happens there beyond the regular senses of perception. Even if we don’t walk away with a clearer picture of these mysteries, we must still answer the same questions that Job was faced with: who do I worship and why do I worship? Be encouraged to worship the Lord and to rejoice in the Lord always, no matter your circumstances!

From Series: "Wisdumb"

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