You’re invited to join us all summer!

There are lots of times we need to rewind for a reminder about God’s love, and that it’s better to be near to him than to live life on our own. While a shallow, casual faith in God might sound better in the short term, it cannot sustain us through the tough times. Be here this summer as we’re reminded to be renewed in our daily trust in God!

Reading Plan- Summer 2023 @ TSF

A Transformational Journey through the Minor Prophets


JUNE 4-17                     Habakkuk; Ch. 8

JUNE 18-JULY 1                  Obadiah; Ch. 4

JULY 2-JULY 17                Zechariah; Ch. 11

JULY 24-AUGUST 5                      Micah; Ch. 6

AUGUST 6-12              Hosea/Joel; Chs.1-2

AUGUST 13-19        Amos/Jonah; Chs. 3&5

AUGUST 20-31        Nahum/Zephaniah; Chs. 7&9

SEPTEMBER 1-8        Haggai/Malachi; Chs. 10&12

TSF Summer Reading


Set out on a journey through the fiery Minor Prophets to uncover, in the timely words of these lesser known and misunderstood books, the depth, passion, and eternal character of God.

The Minor Prophets are direct, but their aim is to reveal the Tove of God even for the wayward souls who don’t always listen so well the first time. Make no mistake, the Minors do not play in the shallows of nominal faith. Time with them requires going deeper, turning our backs on the idols of self-sufficiency, and throwing off the sin that so easily weighs us down.

The call of God is clear and unafraid in these short books and rings a much needed tone in our modern world: “Seek Me and live.” At the end of any journey with these twelve prophets is faith and confidence in our loving God who pours out grace that is greater than all our sin.

Sanctus Student Ministry

Sanctus 252

Sunday Sunday SUNDAY! Teenagers, you are invited to Sanctus 252. Here students will experience connection with their friends and leaders in small groups, where we have FUN together and where we learn more about God through both teaching and discussion. We will start as a large group and then split into 2 smaller groups made of middle schoolers and high schoolers.


Sanctus Summer Calendar



1st: Siervo Fest 23

5th: Sanctus Taco Night

12th: Sanctus at the Park

17th: Splashway Water Park

26th:Sanctus Pool Party



2nd: Sanctus at TSF

9TH Sanctus Night Out

16th Sanctus Back to School Bash