TSF Volunteers!!  We know that the Lord has blessed us with an amazing a group of people to love, laugh and cry with, and to serve with in many ministries at TSF. We want you to know that TSF appreciates your service!

Here are a few resources to help you lead and serve at TSF.  Here are the manuals, handbooks, best practices, etc, for each area of service at TSF.  We want you to be successful and fulfilled in your ministry and have done our best to put all that you need to know here in these pages.  If you have any question or want more information please email us at info@tsf-church.com.

Volunteer Schedule: July- September 

Volunteer Schedule: October – December

Life Group Leadership Manual

Praiseteam Handbook

Want to serve here at TSF? Please email us your name, number and area of service. If you want help fining your best fit just let us know. Volunteer Here