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The Sanctuary Fellowship places great emphasis on each person actively growing in Christ. We want each person to experience the love of Christ and to share that love with others.

Pathways is one way that we can help you pursue maturity in Christ. So often we don’t know where to begin, or we can only think of one or two ways to try to grow in Christ. TSF’s Growth Goals talk about each of these areas. As we go forward, we hope to further develop all of our Growth Goals with similar tools and resources. With Pathways, we want to give you some concrete handles on these areas of living with Christ and equip you with some confidence that you really CAN develop your spiritual potential.

We want to encourage you to approach Pathways prayerfully by asking the Holy Spirit to fill you up and to change your heart, mind, soul, beliefs, motivations, etc. to look more like Christ through this process. Look over each Pathway and dive in—there’s a great, life-giving adventure ahead for you as you pursue Christ with passionate intentionality!

Pathways should be a reminder that God is working in you and changing you daily. It’s not meant to be a source of either failure/guilt or pride. With all humility, get up and get on the road that leads you closer to the heart and mind of Jesus!