Joe Sanders - March 22, 2015

Sons of Freedom

Galatians 3:15-29 Galatians has such a hard message for us. On the one hand, its so awesome and attractive and beautiful- we have been set free for freedom through Jesus! What a fantastic message! But, we are so messed up and our understanding of God’s gracious gift of freedom is misunderstood, so we set about to add a lot of works, rituals, and right-living to the work of Jesus. We think that its by keeping the law, by being really good and trying really hard to please God that he will love and accept us. We think that we get to God through Jesus, but we only stay close to him and keep his love if we work hard at being good. But the law and good works were never intended to bring us to God--and to use them like that is to miss intimacy with God and freedom from Jesus altogether. We are now sons of God and know God as our Father and keep the law out of love not obligation- because we are free!

From Series: "Galatians"

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