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More than Words 2007 - Part 4 ()

Pastor Thomas Young, December 23, 2007
Part of the More Than Words - Christmas 2007 series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

What are you going to DO for Christmas? That's a great question. But it needs to be completed. What if the answer you give is incomplete? What if your response was typical or just mere words?

We've been asking ourselves this question: "What if the entire message of Christmas was God revealing the mystery through action not just words?" Then, the entire Christian life is the life of Jesus - a life that was more than words!

Think of it. Joseph had money for the inn the night Jesus was born. But they didn't stay in an the inn but a nasty manager. He wouldn't have brought his pregnant wife on the trip and been so seemingly ill prepared...unless God was up to something greater. Yes, God was unfolding the drama of redemption with a story that is more than words. He was creatively expanding and expressing through more than words.

We live in a world that hates the church, questions everything, and is as skeptical as a New Orleans Saint fan! Most people don?t dislike God; they just don?t believe us. Christians are deemed fake and most people are repulsed by anything inauthentic. So, what?s the deal? Why is this what our culture thinks? Simply put, they are looking for people who live by action not just words. Yes, they are looking for something that is MORE THAN WORDS!

So, the question we want to ask you this Christmas is the same one you always get asked: What are you going to DO for Christmas? Would you join us this Christmas in our continued attempt to change the world? Listen for the next four weeks as we hear from Pastor Henry Sevverri from Uganda, our own Pastor Bryan, and the final two weeks from Pastor Thomas as we understand Christmas is more than words!

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