The Focus of The Cause |  Be transformed to become a community of missionaries in our culture through the power of the gospel for the glory of God.

Foundations of The Cause |  Experiencing this life means exhibiting these 5 Foundations of The Cause:

We are Scripture Addicts: The Bible is what dictates every action in our movement. It is our guide for all of life and practice.

We are Gospel Saturated: The gospel is what we live in, by and through. It is the message we live and speak.

We are Community Obsessed: We value authenticity and the depth of relationship that community brings. Our membership is committed to actively participate in a community group and in ministry teams.

We are Transformissional People: Transformissional means that we are changed in order that we can be on mission with Jesus. We will live missionally everywhere we go and in everything we do!

We are Compassionmongers: We passionately believe the church should be the primary agency of caring for the helpless, homeless, hungry, and hurting people of our world.