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TSF Church Family we have a great opportunity to serve some local missions and medical personnel during this time.  Through the month of April we have been and will continue to construct medical masks to be used to keep staff, volunteers and patients safe.  These masks are washable and reusable and will be a great blessing to those who are struggling to keep masks in stock.  TSF will be providing all the materials for this but we need you to help sew.  If you can sew please consider helping us through this time.

Alisha Meza is leading the charge on this and you can email her at meza.alisha@gmail.com.  She will be your greatest resource for this outreach.

The church outdoor Garden Center will be open from 10:00am – 1:00pm Monday through Wednesday for contact free pickup of materials and drop off of completed masks.  Materials have already been cut and prepared to be constructed.  Please consider being a part of this awesome ministry.  We hope to have 1000 masks completed by the end of April and we are well on our way with well over 500 masks completed