Administrative Assistant 

Mary grew up in the Richmond-Rosenberg area in a southern Baptist church. Early on she accepted Christ and was baptized. Active in her faith, Mary was called into mission work. She participated in multiple Habitat for Humanity builds, mission trips to Mexico and several to Guatemala and Honduras. She has served on several disaster relief teams in the Richmond – Rosenberg area, central Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Here locally she served her community for nearly 10 years in EMS as a medic.

For a time Mary became a stay at home mom to enjoy the early years with her children Michael and Lacy. During that time they traveled the country with her husbands work. Settling in Alabama they enjoyed the beach and a slower pace of life. In 2018, they welcomed Colton to the family and move back to Texas.  After a season of transition Mary began working at Helping Hands, once again serving the community she grew up in.

Mary is currently a part of the Preston Street Community Garden; who’s produce help feed families at the Women’s Center and Helping Hands. The family enjoys, camping hiking and kayaking together. She is excited to see what new adventures God has in store as part of the Sanctuary Fellowship Church family.