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Yearn for God’s Power and Presence (Isaiah 64:1-12)

Pastor Joe Sanders, May 25, 2014
Part of the Isaiah series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

There are many times in Scripture that we are encourage to remember God, his works, his ways. While we tend to wander from God and forget his ways, we often go through seasons of life when God seems far off and distant, like he’s forgotten us somewhere in a dusty bin of half-completed projects. We want to remind God that we are here, that we want him in our lives, that we need his power and presence in our lives. When we get to this point of desperately crying out for him, he again reminds us of our need for forgiveness and how our sin and rebellion can hinder his work in our lives and can lead us into the very things that cause us pain. We must yearn for God and call out on a daily basis for him to tear open the heavens and to come down into our lives!

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