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Good Friday- Broken Promises (Luke 22:1-23:56)

Pastor Joe Sanders, April 18, 2014
Part of the Standalone series, preached at a Good Friday service

None of us are strangers to broken promises. We’ve all been let down and experienced the pain of disappointment when someone doesn’t keep their word. And we’ve walked the path of rebuilding trust and the fear that accompanies it. Through Jesus’ last few nights on earth, we encounter a theme of brokenness that looks a lot like our lives: friends leaving you in your most desperate time; close relationships that fail you in the most painful ways; physical pain and suffering, which includes great physical and emotional and spiritual distress. And Christ knew it was coming. He insured that it would happen! As he prepared himself and his followers for what was coming, he broke bread and drank wine to symbolize the brokenness that was necessary for God’s promises to be kept. What do you do when its dark and everything looks dark? And on top of that, when God asks you to wait because the darkness isn’t going away today? How do we remain faithful when it looks like God breaks his promises?

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