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Palm Sunday- Worship through Disappointment (Matthew 21:1-10)

Pastor Joe Sanders, April 13, 2014
Part of the Standalone series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

We have all gone through some disappointing times in life. Some have been relatively minor, but some have been major and they have challenged our basic understandings of life, God and faith. All disappointment should cause us to evaluate our motives and expectations, to question who and what we are hoping in and why we have placed our hope in that. As we experience life’s disappointments, we want to grow in our faith and be wiser in our faith with a deepening confidence in God’s love for us. When Christ arrived in Jerusalem on the week he would die, his arrival was the occasion for much celebration and much anxiety for different groups of people. His timing and method of arrival was disappointing to almost everyone, but he remained on course for his purposes. What will we do when we are disappointed, especially when that disappointment extends to our relationship with God?

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