Short Term Missions Application

Short Term Missions Application

  • Personal Background Information

  • Children

  • Contact Information

  • Please let us know the following information: Institution Name, Certificate/Degree, Years Attended
  • Please let us know the following: Dates of Employment, Company Name, Position, Reason for Leaving
  • TSF Attendance and Membership

  • Past Church Involvement

    List the churches that you have been involved with in the past, either as an attendee or a member. What was the reason for leaving each of those churches?
  • Family

  • For Unmarried Applicants

  • Finances

    Please list all assets and debts you currently have (car, home, personal loans, student loans, etc.)
  • Please give us the following information: Asset Description, Value
  • Please give us the following information: Debt description, amount owed
  • Spiritual Assessment

  • Church and Community Involvement