Sanctus Penitas Mission Trip 2018

June 10-15 / $225 per student

This year we will be taking anywhere from 40–60 students to work in the colonias of Penitas, TX from June 5–10. The colonia where we are working is literally the poorest part of our nation and is very much like visiting a third-world country. Our church has been taking students to Penitas for over 7 years and have seen some amazing God things take place! Lives have been changed, students grow closer to the Lord and each other, and when it’s all said and done, everyone that participates can see the tangible fruit of their efforts! God has and will continue to use this trip to make a Kingdom difference in the lives of the “least of these”.
This is trip is for students who are currently in the 7th-12th grade.
The cost per student is only $225 which covers all meals, lodging, building materials, t-shirt and a day at South Padre Island!

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Sanctus Penitas Mission Trip 2018

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  • This cost includes all transportation, meals, lodging and admission into conference.
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Packing List
• Bible and Pen
• Grubby clothes and closetoed shoes to work in for four days ‐‐ Clothing must be modest for both guys and girls ‐‐ no
sports bras showing, no sides ripped out of t-shirts, no short shorts
• Clothes to wear each evening
• Pajamas
• Water Bottle (Reusable)
• Sleeping bags/bedrolls OR Twin Sized bedding
• Pillow
• Beachwear ‐ Ladies: No two pieces (may wear one with colored tshirt over it) Guys ‐‐ No speedos
• Clothes to wear on trip home
• All toiletries, shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc.
• Two Bath Towels
• Any medications needed ‐ Must be checked in to TSF staff
• Sunscreen
• Snacks ‐‐ Optional
• Basic First Aid Kit ‐‐ Optional
• Bug spray ‐‐ Optional
• Shovel (if you have one)
• Gloves
Lodging Information
Abundant Grace Community Church – 2110 S McColl Rd, Edinburg, TX 78539
La Copa Inn – 350 Padre Blvd., South Padre Island, TX 78597; (956) 433-0821
Missional Projects Location
18104 Date Palm Dr., Penitas, TX 78576.
Staff Contact Info
Wesley Bernius – 936-4146449
Jimmy Villanueva – 832-317-3226
Joe Sanders – 281-750-2642
Departure Time: June 5 at 1:00 PM, TSF
Arrival Time: June 10 at 6:00 PM, TSF
Conduct Guidelines
1. Go as a servant and representative of Jesus Christ and adopt that attitude when dealing with fellow team members.
2. Respect the authority of the team leaders and abide by their decisions and instructions on this mission trip.
3. Do not bring/use tobacco, alcoholic beverages, magazines, fireworks, pornography, or any illegal substances at any
time during this mission trip.
4. Refrain from meddling, complaining, and using obscene language or insensitive humor.
5. Adhere to the dress code established for the trip.
6. Make sure a mission leader knows where you are at all times. You should NEVER wander off alone on the trip.
7. Understand that mission trips can be difficult and promise to adopt a flexible attitude, as plans may need to be changed.
8. Interact with all members of your team, not just those members that you knew or were friends with before the trip.
9. This is not a “dating trip.” Team members are not to engage in romantic activities such as hand-holding, kissing or any other public displays of affection.
10. Refrain from any other behavior or activity that would hinder your ministry or the ministry of your team during the time of your service.
If an offense warrants it, students will be sent home immediately at the expense of the parent/guardian.